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Acoustic Ceiling Removal

At Northwest Interior Service we try to make the project as easy as it can possibly be on the homeowner. We do most of the work  in preparing the rooms for the removal process, you will only have a very little part in this process. Our company’s professional team will do all the  removal of  large heavy items. Our  crew will either work around large heavy pieces of furniture or move them, according to the discretion of the foreman, and the desires of the homeowner.


We cover all the floors in plastic. We double wrap wooden floors to provide a reliable vapor barrier so the smells or spills won’t get into it. By using plastic it offers a barrier like a wall that literally divides the work area from your home quarters. So when the project is finished our work crew carefully removes this plastic wall creating a bag , then this bag of debris is sent to a designated EPA disposal site area. You can be assured that the debris is never disposed of in household receptacles or landfills that are not designed for the disposal of acoustic materials.

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We at Northwest Interior Service have designed a method of removing old acoustic ceiling material, which works well at  accurately and easily removing it down to the drywall, then this  material and waste fall into the plastic bags we’ve created  that surrounds the room.  All that’s left is a clean ceiling, ready for any repair work needed.

You can hide many flaws on the surface of your ceiling by using  our old acoustic texture. Northwest Interior Service can resurface most of these flaws at no additional cost before creating your new textured look.

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